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National Press Coverage on Parent Coaching Academy survey on Children and Stress:

We had a huge amount of national press coverage on the research and story. It made double page in Sunday Times, plus national news (ITV) plus Telegraph, Mail online, Sun, Daily Star and ITV online as well as more than 100 local papers!


School children regularly using the word ‘stress’, research suggests

Lorraine Thomas featured as an expert:

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Moved back with the parents for lockdown? A family coach tells you how to keep cool” – by Niamh McCollum

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How to Stay Calm and Positive When Grown Kids Move Back Home Because of COVID-19
The right attitude and some boundaries will make all the difference.”by Elaine Lipworth

4 Secrets to a Calm Family Bedtime Routine
Research-backed techniques for stress-free evenings so you can all wake well-rested.” – by Elaine Lipworth

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Get Crafty! How Creative Play Can Help Your Child’s Development

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9 In 10 Schoolkids Regularly Use The Word ‘Stress’, Research Suggests

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Managing infant eczema: Tips from the expert

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Mothers Need Me Time Too

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  “Family: how to keep calm and get your message across during family rows  – Interview with Lorraine Candy

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As exams loom: 10 ways to nature children so they don’t fear failure

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10 New Year’s resolutions to help improve family life in 2020

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The journey of germs around your home

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8 Ways to Help Primary Pupils Tackle a Fear of Failure

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The good mum’s mantra: Ten steps to a stress-free family