The Parent Coaching Academy (PCA) is the UK’s leading Parent Coaching organisation. PCA develops initiatives with exceptional employers, schools and brands committed to supporting parents. Lorraine Thomas established the PCA because she’s passionate about supporting mums and dads in the most rewarding, challenging and important job they’ll ever do in their lives.


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Lorraine Thomas, Britain’s First and Leading Parenting Coach

Lorraine Thomas Headshot“My most important job is being a mum.  And if you ask my children, Josh and Holly, they would say I have a great deal to learn!  They are right. I set up the Parent Coaching Academy because I am passionate about supporting all parents and carers in the most important job they will do in their lives.  As a parent you will always be a pioneer and every day is an opportunity to make a difference to our children, to their view of the world and the way they regard themselves

We can empower them.  We can put them in the driving seat of their own lives, looking forward to the adventures, rising to challenges and growing stronger through them.

We can raise our own generation of superheroes. Not the superhero who wears a mask and a cape.  Our children are real superheroes.  We can nurture in our little ones the superpowers that will make a difference in our world – compassion, responsibility, empathy, honesty, integrity and love.

The world we leave to our children depends on the children we leave in the world.

Have fun and enjoy the adventure!”

I'm Possible Arty Image from Book

Lorraine Thomas’ latest book Super Coach Arty vs. The Shadow is available for purchase from Amazon and other book retailers.

What our clients are saying:

Fun and interactive – there was never a quiet moment as employees of all levels and from all across the business ‘walked the wheel’ exploring, sharing and most importantly laughing as we all realised we shared common issues and themes.

Sarah Cooper, Morgan Stanley’s Parents Network Steering Committee.

I love the way the 7-Day Parent Coach empowers parents to tackle the daily stresses and strains that can make parenting feel like an endurance test at times.

Mara Lee, Editor, Practical Parenting

Working with Lorraine on the variety of broadcast campaigns she has contributed to has always been a pleasure. The expertise that she brings to our activity is always of very high quality. I would definitely recommend Lorraine to be involved in any activity which requires an expert in childcare/parenting (and much more) in this field,

Natalie Jackson, Broadcast PR Specialist and Consultant

Thank you so much for coming to our office and for your amazing seminar. The feedback from that session was amazing. My colleagues were very pleased and I feel like we have opened the door properly to the new chapter in our work culture.

Anna Bieniek-Wisniewska, WisdomTree

Lorraine's seminars and cafes for schools are positive, practical and very empowering.

Steve Chalke, Founder, Oasis Academies


We are proud to have worked with these brands (and many others) to help them bring resources and education to mums and dads.