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Super Coach Arty vs. The Shadow

Image of Super Coach Arty Book Cover

Jessica Kingsley Publishers 2018

School can be a difficult and stressful place for a child, and sometimes they just need a little bit of help to manage it all. That’s where Arty comes in. He’s an inner coach, here to help each child achieve their very best.

Offering children a creative way of helping to manage their own worries, Arty will help show children that they’re not alone in their struggles and that they always have choices, even when stuff happens that they don’t like. With practical guidance for parents and teachers on how to use the book and specific coaching activities, it is perfect for children aged 8-12, especially those who have a fear of failure.

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Savlon Logo

Recently Lorraine worked with Savlon as a brand ambassador and expert on their Skin is for Living In campaign.

Outdoor play has been shown to enormously benefit both mental and physical health, however, Savlon conducted a survey that revealed over two-thirds of parents worry about their children playing outside.

To help give parents the confidence to spend more time outside as a family, Savlon compiled a guide in collaboration with Child Behaviourist Lorraine Thomas, Adventurer Will Copestake and First Aider Anna Webb.

You can view their campaign on the “Skin is for Living In” section of their website and/or download their Little Book of Adventure PDF file.