by Lorraine Thomas

Super Coach Arty vs. The Shadow

Image of Super Coach Arty Book Cover

Jessica Kingsley Publishers 2018

School can be a difficult and stressful place for a child, and sometimes they just need a little bit of help to manage it all. That’s where Arty comes in. He’s an inner coach, here to help each child achieve their very best.

Offering children a creative way of helping to manage their own worries, Arty will help show children that they’re not alone in their struggles and that they always have choices, even when stuff happens that they don’t like. With practical guidance for parents and teachers on how to use the book and specific coaching activities, it is perfect for children aged 8-12, especially those who have a fear of failure.

Brilliantly Behaved Toddler (50 Things You Really Need to Know)

Brilliantly Behaved Toddler Book Cover

Published by Quercus, 2013

Whether you’re struggling with mealtimes, sleep routines or tantrums, 50 Things You Really Need To Know: Brilliantly Behaved Toddler will give you an instant, practical strategy that really works. With over 20 years of experience under her belt, expert parenting coach Lorraine Thomas tackles 50 challenges head on, and distills bite‐sized chunks of advice to help handle your toddler’s most difficult moments.

The Mummy Coach

The Mummy Coach Book Cover

Published by Hamlyn 2010

The Mummy Coach is for mothers who know that they’re doing the most important job they will ever do in their lives and are passionate about being the best parents possible. It’s about creating a family with happiness at its very core and giving children the best possible start in life so they will grow up with confidence and self-belief. By focusing on ten specific skills, parent coach Lorraine Thomas provides a practical and positive programme to develop your expertise as a parent and celebrate achievement. By spending just a few minutes a day on a series of skillbuilding exercises, you can take your parenting skills to another level and see results from day one. Whether you’re a busy stay-at-home or working mum, this highly accessible book is a ‘must’ read, taking you on an exciting and engaging journey that will allow you to be the mum you want to be.

Screamer to Sweet Dreamer

Screamer to Sweet Dreamer Book Cover

Published by Hodder Education 2006

In just 100 steps you’ll go from swamped and stressed to calm and controlled receiving a host of tips and strategies for a closer, more communicative and less frantic home life for you and your kids.

You’ll be a positive parent in no time, using:

  • Daily action points
  • Strategies for success
  • Questionnaires and challenges
  • Motivational case studies
  • Tips and techniques

The 7 Day Parent Coach – Halve the stress, double your energy and become a great parent

The 7 Day Parent Coach Book Cover

Published by Vermilion 2005

Transform your family life in just one week! Being a parent is the most rewarding, most important job you’ll ever do in your life – and it’s also the most challenging. Parent coaching is a new and innovative approach to solving problems that affect all mums and dads. It puts you back in the driving seat – providing a positive framework to allow you to focus on solutions and to develop daily tailor-made strategies to achieve them.

Full of easy-to-implement ideas, it tackles the top practical and emotional problems that parents face, offering new tools and techniques to:

  • Create confident children
  • Cut stress and boost energy
  • Find more time to enjoy your family
  • Develop effective alternatives to shouting
  • Feel great not guilty
  • Communicate with children who don’t listen
  • Tame toddler tantrums