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By prioritizing what’s really important, you’ll be surprised by how much time you gain.

By Elaine Lipworth, Content Writer at Thrive Global

If you are a parent currently working from home, you may feel there’s always too much to do and never enough time to get it all done. As we navigate the global pandemic, managing our time can be even more challenging. It’s possible to be on 24/7, and trying to achieve a healthy work/life integration can seem impossible when we are all under the same roof.  

“It’s one thing to be close to our kids physically, it’s another to spend quality time with them,” says Sarah McEwen, Ph.D., a San Diego-based cognitive psychologist and Director of Research and Programming at Providence Saint John’s Pacific Brain Health Center. “When we are working at home, our minds can be constantly engaged elsewhere.”

A 2017 report found that on average, working parents spend very little leisure/play time with their children (mothers spend 27 minutes, fathers 17 minutes). Now, finding that time can be even harder. As McEwen notes: “Parents have the best intentions, but inevitably find themselves dealing with a never ending stream of video meetings and work deliverables. There’s a competing pull.”

“You want to spend time with your children, to be a fun parent and build positive relationships,” Lorraine Thomas, Chief Executive of The Parent Coaching Academy, tells Thrive. “But it often feels as though you’re fighting a losing battle — juggling conflicting schedules — and you climb into bed exhausted.”

There will never be enough time for everything — but there is time for everything that truly matters to you. “Remember that time management is really all about energy management,” says Thomas. “If you are boosting your energy levels and taking care of yourself, you will achieve more in the time you have, because you will be more creative and productive.”

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Originally published on August 18, 2020 on Thrive Global.

How to Manage Time as a Parent When It Seems There’s Never Enough of It
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